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A Celebration of Movement, 10th-11th September 2016, The Radisson Blu Hotel, London

Join James D’Silva and Alan Herdman for our inspiring Celebration of Movement conference on 10th-11th September 2016 at The Radisson Blu Hotel, London. An action packed weekend of dynamic classes & workshops for professional Yoga and Pilates practitioners.

A Celebration of Movement will take place in the beautiful surroundings of the Radisson Blu Hotel overlooking the River Thames. A delicious healthy lunch will be served in the restaurant giving us a chance to chat, relax and connect. Preferential room rates are available at the hotel for those wishing to stay over.

Workshops & Classes Saturday 10th September

  • Alan Herdman: Moving for Life, Essential Exercises for Every Client
  • James D’Silva: Garuda Foundation Matwork, Seated and Standing Class
  • Polly Benge: Pilates and the Pelvic Floor explored through matwork
  • Yamuna Zake: Body Rolling Workshop
  • Alan Herdman: Depth as Apposed to Advanced
  • Mary Thornton: The Power of Breath
  • James D’Silva: Rolling thro’ U re Joints
  • Mary Thornton: Osteoporosis & Pilates
  • Juliana Dall’Antonia: Garuda Brick (Graha)
  • Daniel Gelbum: Feldenkrais
  • Alan Herdman: End the day with a classic matwork class
  • James D’Silva: Garuda Chair

Workshops & Classes Sunday 11th September

  • James D’Silva: Mobilising and Strengthening the Pelvic Girdle
  • Alan Herdman: Seated and Standing Workouts for Seniors
  • Nikki Chrysostomou: Pilates Matwork
  • Alan Herdman: Let us have fun with the “34” Classic Mat Exercises
  • James D’Silva: Garuda Chair
  • Susanne lahusen: Squares and Spirals – finding the middle way
  • Suzanne Scott: Anatomy of Rotation
  • Nikki Chrysostomou: Exercising while pregnant
  • Marta Soteras: Garuda Foam Roller (Chakra)
  • Suzanne Scott: Rotational Flow Class
  • Nikki Chrysostomou: Small Towel workout
  • James D’Silva: Garuda brick (Graha)


  • Standard Weekend Tickets: £350
  • Saturday day ticket unavailable 
  • Sunday Tickets: £200 – plus 1 complimentary month gold DVD membership .

Please note: To book your sessions choose your first workshop and press ‘Sign Up Now!’, then purchase your pass and go back to the ‘Conference’ tab and book yourself in for the other workshops that you would like to attend


“Just wanted to say I thought the event was fantastic. Extremely good workshops, a brilliant location and your administration of it was fantastic! I will definitely be coming next year and making sure my friends who couldn’t make it this year come along too. I left buzzing with new information and ideas for my classes so many thanks to you, Alan and James for your hard work in putting it all together.” – Sarah  Taylor