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Garuda Chakra (Foam Roller) and Why it’s a Wheel of Discovery

One of the most well-known techniques that we teach at the Garuda Studio is Garuda Chakra, or foam roller.  Apart from its numerous physical benefits, which we will cover in more detail below, it is… read more

The Benefits of Teaching the Garuda Graha (Brick) Technique

We believe that training at Garuda is a lifelong commitment. What often starts as one Garuda class often takes you on a journey to not only a healthier, leaner and more toned body but also… read more

Understanding the Garuda Dhara (Chair) Technique

For those of you who are familiar with Garuda, you will know that we work to inspire a more intuitive way to exercise, using a technique rooted in yoga, dance and Pilates and developed by… read more

How to Maintain your Pilates Teacher Training Online

In a new digital world, Pilates instructors and others dedicated to movement training are looking to find different ways to maintain, as well as enrich, their knowledge online.  Navigating the waters of online Pilates or… read more

The Benefits of an Online Garuda Course

To say that our world has been turned upside down will be an understatement. Throughout the globe, people and businesses have had to adapt to a new way of life, and that has certainly been… read more

Understanding the Differences & Benefits of Pilates vs Yoga

In an age of wellness, yoga and Pilates are both highly celebrated practices, each offering numerous benefits for the mind, body and soul.  Not only do they help develop the breath, as well as flexibility… read more

The Unique Principles of Garuda

My name is James D’Silva and I am the founder of Garuda. Join me in discovering the myth of Garuda on my travels and how one demigod changes the face of humanity through his perseverance,… read more

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“James is such an enlightened teacher.  I loved the course and hearing his constant words of wisdom.”Sharon Aloni