Join Us For Our Spring 2017 Teacher Training Program & Events!

We are pleased to announce that all our exciting 2017 Garuda Teacher Trainings and Events are now all live on our website. There is quite a few, so it’s been a bit of a marathon! We hope you can join us next year and make 2017 a fabulous, inspiring year of growth for you and your clients.

Join us for our January Inspiration Day to help you choose which courses you’d like to attend. Our Spring 2017 schedule is as follows:

21st January: Garuda Inspiration Day

5th-10th February: Garuda Matwork Foundation

5th-10th February: Garuda Apparatus Foundation A

11th-16th February: Garuda Barre 1

11th-16th February: Garuda Apparatus Foundation B

17th-21st February: Centered 5-day Intensive with Madeline Black FULLY BOOKED – repeat training in September 2017

25th  February: Centered Workshop: The Spine by Design with Madeline Black 

24th-26th March: 3 Day Bootcamp

For all our Teacher Trainings click here. Please book your place directly through the site – we look forward to welcoming you in the new year!

If you need any more information or just to chat, please call us at 02074834644. We are here to help you.

*This photo is one of my favourites – the girls sharing a joke during a break from filming :)

“The beauty of the Garuda Method is it can be applied to a whole range of people - the professional athlete, the dancer or to those who have rarely exercised in their life.” Elizabeth Conway