Dear All,

I hope you are all well. Oops sorry, yet again we have forgotten to send out the London studio news. If you are not interested in classes then stop reading now and happy new year from us!

If you are in London, then here is tomorrow, January 6th availability:


Anja: 11am

Farah: 8am, 11am, 12pm

Juliana: 10am, 1pm

Loa: 12pm, 1pm

Lola: 1pm, 2pm

Group classes:

9am Apparatus group class with Farah

9am Barre class with Anja

12pm Apparatus class with Juliana

12:30pm Integral yoga with Shelly

6:30pm Yin & Restorative with Melissa

Have a great evening everyone,

Tui xxx


“James is the only person in the entire world whom I would take any form of teacher training with, and I have known this for years!    ”Karen Rose