Check out the Garuda Training Dates for 2015

We wish you all a happy and healthy new year and a heads up to all the training and events that will be taking please in 2015*! 

More information will follow, but we thought why not give you a sneak peak of what Garuda has in store for you !


February 2015:

Garuda Matwork Foundation & Apparatus Foundation Training

Date: 14th – 19th February


Garuda Seated & Standing Level 1 Training, Weekend 1,  Ravenna FIF

Date: 21st – 22nd February


March 2015:

Garuda in Madrid

Date: 6th , 7th & 8th March


Gothenburg Inspiration Weekend

Date: 14 / 15th March


Garuda Seated & Standing Level 1 Training, Weekend 2, Ravenna FIF

Date: 28th – 29th March


April 2015:

Garuda Matwork Foundation & Garuda Barre Trainings, New Jersey

Date: 1st April -12th April


Garuda Barre & Garuda Apparatus Training

Date: 7th – 12th April

Teacher: Garuda Barre Training with Marta

Garuda Apparatus Training with Anja


Garuda Chakra (Foam roller) Training & Garuda Reviews (Matwork Foundation & Seated and Standing Review)

Date: 13th – 15th April

Teacher: Garuda Chakra Training with Marta

Garuda (Matwork Foundation & Seated and Standing Review) Reviews with James


Garuda Matwork Foundation Training, Stockholm with Carita

Date: 17th – 19th April


Garuda Italian Retreat , Bari

Date: 30 April- 4 May


May 2015

Garuda Matwork Foundation Training, Stockholm with Carita

Date: 15th – 17th May


Garuda in Brazil

Date: 29th – 31st May


June 2015

To be confirmed: Far East Tour + Australia

Date: 12th June / 12th July


July 2015

Garuda Bootcamp

Date: 14th – 18thJuly


Garuda Apparatus Foundation & Garuda Matwork Foundation Training

Date: 19th – 24th July


August 2015

Garuda Seated & Standing Level 1, Garuda Barre, Garuda Foam Roller & Reformer, Stockholm with James

Date: 17th – 23rd August


Garuda Apparatus Level 1, Garuda Chair & Garuda Foam Roller, Toronto

Date: 27th August – 1st September


September 2015

Our first Pilates Conference in Association with Alan Herdman, London

Date: 12th & 13th September


October 2015

Garuda Seated & Standing level1 and Garuda Series 1 Apparatus Training

Date: 19th – 24th October


Garuda Chair & Garuda Foam roller

Date: 25th – 27th October


November 2015

Garuda PMA Conference in Denver

Date: 2nd – 7th November


For further details please contact the studio at

 *Dates subject to possible change



“Just writing in to share how practising and teaching Garuda has helped both myself and my clients tremendously. It's been such a pleasure being able to do these virtual classes with James, Aimee and Juliana.”Dorothy Lee