Enhance your Garuda knowledge

Looking to become a highly trained Garuda trainer? Book now to secure a place for the opportunity to learn from the expert.

James D’Silva, the founder of Garuda is visiting Canada, Sweden, Italy and Perth during August and September to share his vast Garuda knowledge.

Developed for those seeking to experience a special mental and physical synergy, this is a course not to be missed if you wish to become a teacher and pass on your expertise. You’ll evolve and develop an even greater understanding of the philosophy, learning what it takes to teach Garuda in your own studio.

James will nurture your understanding and emphasise the importance of mental focus and relaxed, controlled movement, equipping you with the tools needed to become a Garuda teacher, practicing in your own environment.

Teacher training courses

12th August 2014- 19th August 2014
Venue: Edmonton, Canada
Contact: erin@truemovement.ca

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23rd August 2014- 31st August 2014
Venue: Stockholm Pilates Center
Contact: annika@pilates-center.se

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2nd September 2014 – 6th September 2014
Venue: FIF, Italian Fitness Federation – via Paolo Costa n.2 – 48121 Ravenna – Italy
Contact: fif@fif.it

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10th September 2014- 14th September 2014
Venue: WA Ballet Centre, Whatley Crescent Maylands, Perth
Contact: perthgarudapilates@gmail.com

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“Garuda combines the intelligence of Feldenkrais with the energy of Pilates and Yoga. Garuda is just that for me! It’s clever and has a lovely energy. It feels delicious.”Katharina Hesse