Garuda goes to Edmonton Canada in August!

Join us as we takes you through the training in Garuda Apparatus Level 1, Garuda Chair &  Garuda Foam Roller.

The Garuda Apparatus is unique in its versatility, flexibility and precision of movement. The Apparatus syllabus provides a new and improved way to isolate muscle groups and break down motions into targeted movements.

Garuda Chair is a seated workout that simplifies the Seated and Standing Garuda Matwork and makes the more advanced repertoire easily available to the remedial client. A lot of emphasis is placed on energy work and certain aspects of ayurvedic massage and marmara point work are brought in to this meditative practice.

The Garuda Foamroller provides a workout creating the opening, lengthening and strengthening of our form. James has incorporated the Garuda repertoire and cleverly devised the movement material in making it as simple or advanced as the practitioner would require it.

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Date: 27th August 2015 – 1st September 2015
Venue: Edmonton, Canada

“Every day, every movement is a journey and for me personally a transformation.” Mala Majethia