Garuda Matwork Foundation Course, February 2017


Are you a certified Pilates instructor, looking for a new method of movement to expand your teaching repertoire? Thinking of completing some Garuda Teacher Training courses in order to incorporate Garuda into your teaching? Kick things off by completing our Matwork Foundation course in February!

Garuda Foundation Matwork is a Pilates-based system that builds gradually. Here movements start first by isolating individual muscles, then move on to the myofascial lines they belong to. All of the exercises are systematically devised to bring your mind back into exercise while making your body the leanest, strongest and most flexible it has ever been. After finishing this course you will get 1 month free online access to the Matwork DVD. Daily from 2.30pm to 6.30pm. More information HERE.

“I just wanted to say how much I've really enjoyed the Teacher Training course! Even though it was a virtual experience, it was still amazing and I learned so much from your wisdom. I know it must be frustrating for you not to be able to give any tactile cueing (I'm the same), but you are so clear with your words. That's an amazing gift, for which I'm forever grateful!”Eva Perdiki