GARUDA MATWORK REVIEW with James, Book your place now!

Greetings ,

Just a small reminder of our April review on Garuda Foundation Matwork.

This is not just any review as it tackles major new material and assesses the older repertoire simplifying and making it more accessible.

Some of the more complex movement patterns are deconstructed and simplified. The movement principles and fundamentals are discussed.Special attention is paid to hands on and looking at the use of language, timing, rhythm and flow.

Please try and attend as I don’t get a chance to do this often enough.

My very best to you all wherever you are and I truly hope that the light of Garuda cherishes and inspires you.

Always my heart felt gratitude,


For more details on Matwork Review please click Garuda April Training & Review 2015_3

“Obsessed!! Will be back for more training and classes!”Shana Simmons