Garuda Teachers Never Stop Learning

The Garuda Clinics (Garuda Barre, Garuda Matwork & Garuda Seated and Standing) provide an essential update and review of your Garuda practice and understanding. Designed for qualified Garuda instructors, the clinic will review the Garuda principles; assess the repertoire in detail, and revisit hands on and cuing skills.

Run by James D’Silva, the founder of Garuda, he will discuss case studies and re-emphasize the functionality of the Garuda material.

This clinic is an important staging post for Garuda teachers, building your confidence and helping you move on to the next level of your Garuda development.

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“Coming to Garuda in the mornings is my holy space where I shut out everyday life and concentrate for an hour on myself. It's a gift to me.” Lorraine Nonoo