Last remaining places in GARUDA BARRE Training!

Garuda Barre is one of our most popular classes!

This contemporary barre workout incorporates the physicality and grace of dance. Different aspects of the yoga asana are brought in to establish alignment and stretch in the body.

Rhythm and flow are paramount, adagio and allegro are two aspects of movement quality that are constantly introduced and this change of pace makes class a wholesome experience. Here balance and strength work side by side to create a sense of length and flow. The work moves from remedial to advanced as different strength bands are introduced in to widen the repertoire.

Each moment is a celebration of movement and Garuda barre triumphs like no other.


Date: 7th – 12th April 2015
Time: 2:30pm – 6:30pm

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“Every day, every movement is a journey and for me personally a transformation.” Mala Majethia