Learn the Garuda Apparatus with James D’Silva

August means Apparatus at Garuda and we’ve arranged a very special workshop. Run by James D’Silva, the designer of this unique apparatus, there’s no-one better to guide you through its many possibilities.

This 6-day course is designed for teachers looking to learn the repertoire to use in their own studio. We’ll cover a complete movement repertoire, including the very latest material developed for the apparatus. The Foundation syllabus provides a new and improved way to isolate muscle groups and break down motions into targeted moves.

Garuda Apparatus Foundation Teacher Training with James D’Silva

Date: Saturday, August 2nd – 8th
Location: The Garuda Studio, London

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Install one for your gym, studio or home. The repertoire you’ll learn can be adapted to traditional Pilates equipment, though you may wish to purchase your own Garuda Apparatus. Being so versatile, it makes a superb addition to any studio.

• Suitable for every area of the body, all age groups and abilities
• Fully adjustable pulleys, ropes, bars, straps, plus many accessories
• Can be combined with special Garuda matwork exercises
• Hand-crafted in Britain

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“Stretching, breathing and way of movement that combines with strength and flexibility exercises has really helped me.” Jennifer Shulman