Move, breath, meditate – transform your life

This September, Amanzoe is delighted to offer an Alignment and Movement retreat led by wellness experts James D’Silva and Eyal Chehanowski. The two practitioners have collaborated on a four-day holistic programme that offers a full spectrum of dynamic movement techniques – including James’s Garuda Pilates Method, and structural integration sessions with Eyal –  combined with yogic breathing and meditation. With the  collective expertise of James and Eyal, the programme aims to  relax and focus the mind, and to foster internal awareness,  which in turn provides the opportunity to strengthen body,  mind and spirit.

Daily breakfast
Morning sessions: 45-minute Awakening and cleansing: Yogic purification, Yogic breathing(Pranayama) with Eyal
75-minute Garuda movement class with James
45-minute Postural alignment and stretches with James & Eyal
Afternoon sessions:
60-minute Garuda movement class with James
45-minute session with Eyal – Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga nidra, relaxation

For reservations and enquiries please contact Amanzoe Hotel directly: Tel: (30) 275 4772 888 / Email:

“Coming to Garuda in the mornings is my holy space where I shut out everyday life and concentrate for an hour on myself. It's a gift to me.” Lorraine Nonoo