October Trainings at Garuda to Educate, Inspire and Create Confidence in your Teaching

Join us this October for our extensive programme of Teacher Training Workshops to educate, inspire and create confidence in your ability.

Yamuna® Body Rolling a self healing technique using inflatable balls to literally roll through the muscle chains of your body, while systematically unwinding old stress patterns, and preventing and curing injuries.

Garuda Brick: Once again innovation has been the guiding force for the brick repertoire. Using a standard yoga brick this functional, invigorating workshop will teach you a series of exercises that are both challenging, fortifying and have proven extremely popular in our own studio!

Garuda Chair: Using the Standing and Seated Garuda Matwork as a base, the chair workout dissects and simplifies the repertoire. It acts as a good base and introduction. The Garuda Chair work is a very essential practice in introducing movement to the novice and creating a sense of confidence in their holistic well being. Sitting on a small stool this repertoire is extremely popular with clients who do not like or are unable to lie on the floor.

Garuda Sling: The Sling is cutting edge, daring and challenging and the training has been cleverly put together to strengthen, stabilize and challenge the practitioner. Tara supports and tractions us, teaching us to lean in to the space around us, getting us to lift out of our joints and making us aware of our instabilities. The wonderful detail of this training is that it can be adapted to any independent piece of equipment and one doesn’t require a prior Garuda training to attend this workshop.

Garuda Foam Roller: Translating the Garuda repertoire onto the Foam Roller is a culmination of balance, proprioception, strength, functional training and myofascial release. It incorporates simple, compound and complex movement patterns making the roller an integral part of your daily repertoire.

Apparatus A: The Garuda Foundation concentrates on basic movement repertoire taking you through syllabi that prepares you for teaching movement at an elementary and intermediate level. Here the practitioner is trained in the philosophy and movement material and taught Garuda specific teaching skills. Foundation A is the preliminary teaching module which concentrates on certain aspects of the repertoire. It is in Foundation B that we conclude the Foundation syllabus and asses the practitioner on their comprehensive teaching skills

Apparatus B: Extensively working out of the repertoire of Apparatus Foundation A,Foundation B concludes with comprehensive chair work. The arm band series are also introduced into this section. More importantly teachers are coached and assessed on their previous work and accordingly presented with their teaching qualification.


“The Garuda method is the only movement strategy where my body feels the best.”Anke Wagner