Yamuna® Foot Fitness Certification (part 1) with Yamuna Zake

February 26-18, 2016

Yamuna® Foot Fitness is one of the most important trainings you can take to build back healthy foot function in your clients.

So many unnecessary injuries in the knees, hips and lower back are caused by a lack of strong foundation in the feet.
Fitness begins with the feet.
In this training you will learn the YAMUNA protocol for rebuilding healthy, strong, flexible and aligned feet. This is a comprehensive workshop that will enable you to understand foot problems and their relationship to alignment and function of the rest of the body. You will learn the importance of integrating foot fitness into your present practice.

You will learn:
The basic anatomy of the feet, ankles and calves
How to treat common foot problems such as plantar fascitis, bunions, Morton’s neuroma and hammer toe.
How to assess your client’s foot.
How to personalize routines for specific problems
Hands on work for correcting foot problems

Highly recommended for: YBR®, Pilates, Gyrotonic and
yoga instructors, dance teachers, podiatrists, fitness trainers
and Physical Therapists.

When: February 26-28, 2016
Time: 10-4 daily (TBC)
Where: The Garuda Studio & Clinic
26-28 Finchley Rd, London NW8 6ES, United Kingdom
Instructor: Yamuna Zake
Fee: $1100 includes manual. Please bring your own pair of foot wakers. Order ahead of time if needed.

For more information or to register please visit MIND BODY or contact Yael at yael@yamunausa.com

“The beauty of the Garuda Method is it can be applied to a whole range of people - the professional athlete, the dancer or to those who have rarely exercised in their life.” Elizabeth Conway