Buff Bones® Instructor Training | 24th – 27th June 2021


Buff Bones® Instructor Training

Dates: 24th June to 27th June 2021

Link to the registration page: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=19401886&appointmentType=22130849

For more info: https://buff-bones.com/course-descriptions/

Learn the Buff Bones® system of movement and its research-supported design to build your confidence in teaching those facing issues of bone and joint health. The system gives you a framework to create a safe and effective movement and exercise class, especially for those with osteoporosis, with the freedom to creatively structure it as you wish. You’ll learn various bone-strengthening and balance-enhancing techniques integrating aspects of Pilates, somatics practice, functional movement and therapeutic exercise along with innovative sequences using science and movement principles.The beauty of the Buff Bones® system lies in its simplicity. The foundation exercises are uncomplicated yet highly nuanced. Discover how precision and clarity can elevate your teaching skills. Also included in the weekend training:

Lessons in anatomy, biomechanics principles and biotensegrity concepts
Conditions and injuries management
Communication skills

Open to all movement professionals and physiotherapists. Attendees will receive a manual, 17 PMA CECs and, upon passing the certification exams at the end of the weekend, a free membership for one year which includes web site listing, marketing support, quarterly live video chat with Rebekah, and continuing education videos. Join the network of movement professionals teaching Buff Bones® at hospitals, spas, gyms and studios around the world!

“Just writing in to share how practising and teaching Garuda has helped both myself and my clients tremendously. It's been such a pleasure being able to do these virtual classes with James, Aimee and Juliana.”Dorothy Lee