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Garuda Barre Advanced Manual

£30.00 for 1 year

Please note that you will need to have completed a Garuda Barre 1 Teacher Training Course in order to purchase this product and access these resources. Contact us stating your full name and the course(s) completed in order to be approved for purchase. Once approved you will be provided with your account login details which will enable you to purchase and access these, and other, training videos.


Purchasing this product gives you access to the following online Garuda Barre teacher training videos:

  • Garuda Barre 1: Squats and Lunges
  • Garuda Barre 1: Variations on Cloche
  • Garuda Barre 1: Depp Indian Style Squat
  • Garuda Barre 1: Downward Dog
  • Garuda Barre 1: Jumps
  • Garuda Barre 1: Pile
  • Garuda Barre 1: Side Lunges a La Tango
  • Garuda Barre 1: Thai Chi Squat
  • Garuda Barre 1: Three Legged Downward Dog
  • Garuda Barre 1: TLDD01 and Variations on Push Ups
  • Garuda Barre 1: Warm Up