Flavia Di Tomassi

Flavia is a Pilates teacher and Bio-mechanics trainer born in Rome, Italy. She was a gymnast as a kid and has always been passionate about exploring movement opportunities. She moved to London in 2013 and started teaching Pilates a couple of years later, fascinated by the mindfulness, the benefits and the incredible potential of the method. She has been working with groups and private clients, helping them achieve their goals and discovering movement opportunities regardless of their age, level of fitness and stage in life.
She qualified in Pre and Post Natal Pilates and Trigger Point Pilates™ and she loves learning new techniques and strategies to support and coach her clients discovering movement possibilities. Over the years, Flavia has worked extensively with Orthopaedic conditions, EDS and chronic pain sufferers, and rehab clients.

“Garuda combines the intelligence of Feldenkrais with the energy of Pilates and Yoga. Garuda is just that for me! It’s clever and has a lovely energy. It feels delicious.”Katharina Hesse