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Juliana Dall’antonia

We are so happy to have Juliana at our studio. She is a physical educator born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. On physical activities since a child, she later moved to USA for her first Pilates Certification. Back to Brazil she worked with conditioning of dancers, artists and athletes into groups and private. In her quest for knowledge she graduated in Gyrotonic always searching to improve the perception and awareness of the movement. In 2012 Juliana went to London to attend her first Garuda’s certification.

Enchanted by the technique she returned to London a few times for others Garuda’s certifications. Juliana was the first Brazilian certified. She taught in several Brazilian states and she translates James D’Silva courses in Brazil.

Juliana loves to teach. Her main goal in class is to make sure that students can understand and develop each movement seeking their inner consciousness. Her classes brings influences of various techniques.