The Garuda Yoga and Pilates Studio
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Luigi Corcione

Luigi Corcione has explored his passion for movement through many years of athletics, cycling, football and general fitness but it was only when he met James D’Silva that he discovered the great value of Pilates;

Following a period of fashion modeling in Milan, Luigi moved to London where he began a 2 years Pilates training under James supervision, learning the use of James’ own creation: The Garuda (Pilates Apparatus & Repertoire)

James taught him his own method, initiating him to a world ruled by ‘precise movements’ and this became the only natural progression of Luigi’s physical pursuits.

Luigi today teaches Pilates to a variety of clients having different fitness levels and backgrounds; James’ excellent training prepared him to fully challenge every physique, always respecting body integrity and movement precision.

Luigi is also a fanatic geologist and a strong believer that our knowledge of nature and its own rules is a great source of inspiration, better connecting us with our inner soul, ultimately leading to a better and more balanced life and movement expression.