The Garuda Pilates Studio
26-28 Finchley Road, London NW8 6ES
Tel: +44 (0)207 483 4644

Melissa Zelaya

What first called my interest in Yoga was the awareness of living in a very fast and frenetic city such London. Looking at my body and at my mind I realized I needed something that could elevate my spirit, maintain my body in a flourishing status which it balance my mind. Once I have started practicing yoga I have straight away realized and noticed the benefits of this activity on myself. Our body has memory and I have remembered the adolescent time of my life practicing martial arts. My interest for Yoga grown as rapidly as I felt better every day. I am fascinated about the various differences and styles of yoga. The best way for me to understand each of those was in attending different yoga classes and teachers in Barcelona, Rio De Janeiro, Lima, Seoul, San Francisco and London etc. I love sharing the practice with others, learning from others, and share the language of yoga. Yoga for me is a path of action and practice, a lifestyle and a state of mind. I’ll teach based on my own practice and experience. Along with the physical workout, I focus on breath control and movement as ways to quiet the mind and elevate the spirit. Once you quiet your mind, you can connect with your best self and operate from that place of love daily.