SooHui Chia

SooHui received her Comprehensive Pilates Certification from Polestar Pilates UK and her Mat Pilates certification from Pilates ITC in Sydney, Australia.

Her motto in life is “to love, be loved, never stop learning, never stop moving”. She embraces change in her life and, applies the same principles in Pilates when working with her clients. SooHui aims to empower them to implement positive changes to their lives through movement. As Joseph Pilates said, “change happens through movement, and movement heals”.

She found that clients often equate movement to pain, especially when they experience muscle imbalance or an injury. As a result, they often develop a fear to move, which spirals into physical deconditioning.

Her goal is to create positive and pain free movement experiences in a safe environment that will encourage her clients to never stop moving. She helps them understand movement strategies, improve body awareness, and incorporate Pilates principles to day-to-day living.

SooHui never stops learning and is constantly looking at broadening her own Pilates practice by taking courses and mentor sessions with teachers from diverse philosophies and approaches. She combines the latest techniques with classical training to ensure that her clients progress and ultimately improve their physical fitness, which in Joseph Pilates’ own words, is “the first requisite of happiness”.

● Certified Practitioner of Pilates (Comprehensive), Polestar Pilates
● Mat Pilates Certification, Pilates ITC Australia
● Pre and Post Natal Pilates Teaching Certification, The Center for Women’s Fitness
● Professional Certificate in Coaching, New York University

“Stretching, breathing and way of movement that combines with strength and flexibility exercises has really helped me.”Jennifer Shulman