Madeline Black and James D'Silva Masterclass - The Garuda Studio

Madeline Black and James D’Silva Masterclass

Date: 29th November 2020 - 29th November 2020
2nd Weekend Date: 29th November 2020 - 29th November 2020
Course: Madeline Black and James D’Silva Masterclass
Venue: Online
Price: £50
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Status: This workshop has finished see more workshops.

In a season of flipping things around, going for the unexpected, reaching for new spaces – join me and my dear friend Madeline Black for a new 2-hour advanced movement class.

In this one-of-a-kind class, we’ll consider the centre. Where is it? How and who defines it?

Together and through movement, we’ll shift the focus to the body’s peripheral scope, exploring the body’s dynamic centres and how to create movement proximally.

Included in this masterclass:

Rolling through the joints, shifting and moving through multiple means.

Acknowledging the capabilities of the joints and movement present, making movement bountiful and pleasant.

Discover the different impulses when travelling through the extremities, shifting centres and developing the nervous system’s feedback loop, thus creating a compelling training effect.

We will be inspiring you from inside and out, approaching the outer extremities and in turn awakening the under-stimulated areas in your body.

Pushing you out of your comfort zone, delving into unused space and moving through the entire body in a tested biotensegrity approach.

The masterclass includes more than an hour of movement, coupled with a discussion and Q&A. After class, you will feel stimulated, invigorated and sanguine in your approach to teaching.

You will receive 1-week unlimited views of the recording (expires 6th December 2020).

Date: 29th November

Time: 5pm (UK)

Cost: $50

Join us for this unique opportunity!

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Madeline & James x

“Coming to Garuda in the mornings is my holy space where I shut out everyday life and concentrate for an hour on myself. It's a gift to me.”Lorraine Nonoo