Garuda Barre Advanced Online with Eva Winskill

Date: 25th August 2021 - 29th August 2021

Course: Garuda Barre Advanced
Trainer: Eva Winskill
Venue: Online
Additional Info: Online OR in person
For further details email:
Status: Spaces available

Following on from the Garuda Barre, Garuda Barre Advanced will build on the original repertoire of Garuda Barre, adding deeper levels of complexity and variety to complete the Garuda Barre training.

Please note to enrol in Garuda Barre Advanced you must first complete Garuda Barre.

“Just writing in to share how practising and teaching Garuda has helped both myself and my clients tremendously. It's been such a pleasure being able to do these virtual classes with James, Aimee and Juliana.”Dorothy Lee