The Garuda Studio
26-28 Finchley Road, London NW8 6ES
Tel: +44 (0)207 483 4644

Black’s Immersive Body Trainings: Constellation

Date: 19th March 2020 - 22nd March 2020
Venue: The Garuda Studio, United Kingdom
Qualification: 24 PMA
Price: TBC
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After completing both Gather and Encompass, it is time to cluster related movement concepts, and techniques addressing the assessed need of your client. The thought and intuitive process of sequencing techniques with movement training is the gem of Madeline Black Method™. In this training, you will learn a succinct progression useful for approaching specific areas of the body. You will be taught specific sequencing for each area of the body with the global perspective always present.  There will be focus on practice so you are confident and clear on how to integrate the nuggets the Madeline Black Method™ into your practice.

Hours: 11am- 6pm