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Pilates Fundamentals & Beyond

Date: 12th October 2019 - 13th October 2019
Venue: The Garuda Pilates Studio, United Kingdom
Price: £325 early bird offer £275 until the 1st of July
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Brett started his professional life in the world of ballet. The intelligent
technique that Pilates is, and the chance to continue to be physical, attracted
Brett to Pilates after being so long in the dance world. Brett became a Pilates
instructor in 2006 after having received a full certification from Stott Pilates,
but has also made a serious study of the ‘Classical’ Pilates technique, for
example by participating in Bob Liekens’ LEAP program (though no completed
as Bob passed away). Brett teaches at his home base in Stockholm and

travels to such cities as London, Paris, Oslo, San Francisco and Pittsburgh to give workshops.
His classes are known to be challenging and inspiring, with a strong emphasis on working the intellect. Brett
challenges his students to go beyond the physical exercise to develop a deeper wisdom of the whole being.
In March 2013, Brett founded Pilates Intel (, the weekly Pilates magazine that has become highly
popular with thousands of Pilates professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.


Saturday 11.30 – 2:00 The Building Blocks of Pilates
In this workshop, Brett teaches a series of simple, but by no means trivial exercises, which
demonstrate different dynamics that are necessary to understand in order to be sensitive to the deeper aspects of
the works. These exercises Brett has names ‘Building Block’ exercises. You will then, together with Brett, begin to
apply these ‘Building Blocks’ to more advanced exercises – even ‘very’ advanced. You will find that you are able to
do much more than you thought possible…while deepening your sensitivity to the more profound aspects of

Saturday 3:00 – 5:00 Advanced Mat Exercises
Here we apply what was learned in the first session to the more Advanced Pilates mat exercises, such as
Boomerang, Control Balance, Rocking, and the full version of Swan Dive. Exercises such as these are challenging
and invigorating. With some encouragement to look for a deeper connections in each exercise will bring
participants to a stronger technique. Brett provides valuable direction and cueing, reinforcing it with skilled tactile
feedback. Student’s often leave this workshop inspired and surprised by what they were able to achieve.

Sunday 11:30 – 12:30 Mat Class and Review From Day Before

Sunday 12:45 – 2:30 Reformer on the Mat
Did you know that many of the Reformer exercises can be performed on the Mat? It is a fun and challenging was to
work out….and it increases you depth of understanding of the exercises when taken back on the Reformer. In this
workshop Brett will teach such ‘Reformer on the Mat’ as taught to him by Bob Liekens, an eminent protégé of
Romana Kryzanowska. A great time, a challenging workout and greater understanding of Pilates as a whole will
await you in this workshop.

Sunday 3:15 – 5:00 Standing Mat Work
We culminate the weekend with standing work. This is especially important to connect the knowledge about
support, length and stretch cultivated with ‘regular’ matwork into standing work. In this workshop we will work
with balance, coordination, and flexibility while always paying close attention to ease and suppleness in movement.
You will leave this workshop felling strong and long….and maybe a little tired too!