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Book a Personal Training Session

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Garuda is a holistic, organic blend of different practices that focus on flow and rhythm. It has the mindfulness of Pilates as its core,  the form of the Alexander Technique, the self-perception of Feldenkrais, the spirituality of yoga, and the joy of dance.

The routines and exercises are limitless and work every area of your body with a focus on bringing your mind back into exercise while making you the leanest and most flexible you have ever been.

Experience a one-to-one with one of our highly experienced and trained teachers! All private classes are tailored specifically to each client’s needs and expectations, with a range of different practices such as Garuda, Pilates and/or Gyrotonic methods. Give it a try!

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“The Garuda method is the only movement strategy where my body feels the best. Happy exploring;-)) Enjoy the journey.”