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Teaching Chair Yoga with The Garuda Approach

Chair yoga teacher training could be a great option for fitness professionals looking to support their remedial clients in a better way. Whilst it is a popular option, introducing Garuda to this technique can add… read more

The 5 Principles of Yoga and How They Are Present in Garuda

Swami Vishnudevanada was an active and spiritual teacher sent to spread the message of yoga in the West. He was known for a more contemporary approach to teaching the philosophy and practice of yoga and… read more

What is Pilates Matwork & How Can You Enhance Your Teaching?

Pilates matwork is a versatile workout that many fitness professionals might already be accustomed to.  However, what many don’t know is that there is the option to teach Pilates matwork in an intelligent and contemporary… read more

How to Become a Garuda on Reformer Instructor

If you are a fitness professional looking for a new challenge,  you might be looking into how to become a reformer pilates instructor.  The reformer is a fantastic addition to your repertoire, as it is… read more

Understanding the Benefits of One to One Lessons with Garuda

As Garuda is a lifelong commitment, it is vital to us that we provide a variety of avenues of learning and training. Some thrive in a group class when it comes to daily practice, while… read more

Getting to Know Our Founder: James D’Silva

James D’Silva, the creator of The Garuda Method, Garuda Apparatus and founder of The Garuda Studio, was born and raised in Goa, India, before moving to England to become a professional dancer.  Over the years,… read more

The Best Path to Take to Become a Garuda Teacher

We believe that training at Garuda is a lifelong voyage of discovery. What starts as training ends up as a journey of investigation, which allows our teachers to think outside the box.  Through our courses,… read more

The Garuda Academy – Pilates for A New Generation

The Garuda method was developed by James D’Silva, fitness coach to Madonna, Trudie Styler and many others, Garuda has something for everyone and every fitness level. It offers its practitioners more than just a workout,… read more

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“The Garuda method is the only movement strategy where my body feels the best.”Anke Wagner