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March 8, 2022

What Are Hip And Ankle Mobility & Why Are They Important?

Women doing hip mobility stretch

Improving your hip and ankle mobility is a key building block for any well-rounded fitness journey, but the way it is experienced can vary greatly.

That’s why we believe that the Garuda can be an integral part of supporting you along the way. Before we dive into why let’s take a look at some interesting facts about hip and ankle mobility that you may not have known before. 


What do we mean by hip and ankle mobility?

Movement in the limbs is quite a sophisticated biomechanical process; it’s almost like juggling one bone on top of the other, with a lot of different possibilities sent one’s way.

It’s the functionality of the movement that dictates placement, rhythm and coordination of each joint preceding or proceeding the other.


What is hip mobility?

Did you know that there are 15 muscles that make up your hips? This comes as no surprise since the hips are at the core of the body’s movement and therefore need a great deal of strength to support you in your daily activities. It allows ample mobility in the lower limbs whilst stabilising the pelvis.

This means that hip mobility simply concerns the strength and flexibility of these 15 muscles. The stronger and more flexible these muscles are, the larger the range of motion you will be able to achieve.

When these muscles are looser and stronger, it ensures the hip joint – which is a ball and socket joint – can fully function, enabling you to perform the hip motions successfully. 


What is ankle mobility?

Now that you know more about hip mobility, what is ankle mobility? 

In simple functions such as standing, walking, and running, the ankle joint bears impact. It then informs and balances the rest of the body.

The very fact that it is surrounded by several bones of the feet as well as the two large muscles that join to form the Achilles tendon, makes it a very complicated joint. It requires a lot of education, exercise, and placement when bringing out its best performance. 

Again, the muscles and ligaments that surround the ankle need to be relieved of tightness, allowing your ankles to ease into a wider range of motion.


Why are hip and ankle mobility important?

Mobility is essential for a plethora of reasons. From weight training to sports, those who regularly partake in fitness activities of any kind should make improving their mobility a priority.

Hip and ankle mobility is important as it allows you to perform simple functional tasks like walking, running, climbing, sitting, squatting, and supporting the rest of the body in any other given movements.


Improves your strength due to a larger range of motion

Firstly, excellent hip and ankle mobility help you see improvements in strength more quickly. This is because mobility allows you to increase your range of motion.

Utilising your full range of motion enables you to complete movements with full efficiency, hence ensuring that your body gets the most out of the action.


Increases tension through a bigger stretch on the muscles

A large range of motion is truly a gift to the fitness enthusiast. When your body can sink deeper into movements, it creates a stretch on the muscle as you drive weight onto a certain part of the body. 

This stretch creates tension, which makes your muscles work harder, contributing to a more rewarding workout.


Helps reduce the risk of injury

With increased mobility comes the bonus of reduced risk of injury. As your range of motion increases, the body moves more freely. Your muscles, untethered by the restraint of rigidity, will move without straining or unnecessary force. 


How to improve hip and ankle mobility with Garuda

The Garuda Method is a fitness system taking the world by storm. It encompasses the principles of Pilates, the breathwork and asana practices of yoga and the grace and athleticism of dance.

These methods that shape the basis of Garuda are renowned for their ability to improve mobility. But Garuda, as its own entity, is so much more.


How do Garuda exercises improve mobility?

The key to improving mobility is dynamic movements.

When we work through static stretches, we are not relieving the joints of that passive stiffness that can often build-up.

Whilst dynamic stretches allow us to move through the entire range of motion, there is no movement to a static stretch, and therefore we are holding a stretch at the end range of the muscle. Thus, dynamic stretching will loosen the muscles and joints sublimely. 

So, now we know that we need dynamic stretching for mobility, and that is precisely what Garuda is all about. We move through every position, utilising both rhythm and flow.

Below, you can watch Garuda in action and see how ankle mobility training is brought to life using our method:



Start your journey with The Garuda Method

Garuda is ready to catalyse your journey to having greater joint mobility. If you are ready and want to try Garuda yourself, there are a number of options to choose from.

Take a look at our recorded classes here if you want to learn in your own time.

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