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Garuda Retreats with James D’Silva

LECCE, ITALY – MuLux ReTreat
We are delighted to invite you to an enchanting 6-day autumn retreat in Puglia, Italy. An entire castle estate has been carefully chosen and privatised for an exclusive experience in early October when the sea is still warm and the balmy weather is ideal for outdoor classes and meals.
Join the one and only James D’silva, founder of the Garuda Method, in Lecce and be guided by his generosity and expertise. An extraordinary master, the teacher of teachers.
It is often said that where Pilates ends, Garuda begins, but the repertoire is so much more. Holistic, organic, dynamic, intuitive and innovative, encompassing the principles of Pilates, the breath work and asanas of yoga, and the grace and athleticism of dance, Garuda is the hybrid that has revolutionised 21st century fitness.
Participation is limited to 18 guests to ensure optimal quality, privacy and connection.

Please contact for rates and enquiries.

“I’ve just finished the seated standing course and am rejoicing in the wonderful feeling of inhabiting my body as if I’ve moved through to a different sense of being alive. This feeling (inadequately described) only comes to me from Garuda. It is ridiculous to say 'thank you' as one would politely say if a door were being held open, but perhaps that is the best analogy. With gratitude. ”Janet Cook