Meet the Team

Anja Dobler

Anja is a highly experienced instructor who enjoys working with clients from a diverse range of movement backgrounds, ranging from beginners and people with movement limitations, to advanced movers. She has a focused and calm… read more

Liat Ogden

Liat is a dedicated senior Garuda and Pilates teacher with over 10 years of experience. Her precise and caring teaching style draws its inspiration from different disciplines such as Yoga, Gyrotonic /Gyrokinesis and from her… read more

Juliana Dall’antonia

Juliana is a physical educator born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Into physical activities since a child, she later moved to the USA for her first Pilates Certification. Once back to Brazil, she worked with… read more

Farah Minocheri

After graduating with a Masters in Business, Farah started her career in marketing but after 6+ years in the corporate world, there was a need for some change. On the advice and encouragement of James… read more

Catherine Lamoureux

Coming from a medical background, Catherine is aware of what a body needs. Having experience with people who suffered all kinds of injuries, she knows that preventive medicine can help to minimise the risk of… read more

Jessica Cooney

Following a debilitating illness in her late teens, Jess discovered Pilates as a way to regain full use of her legs again. This led to a passion to bring this movement method to others and… read more

SooHui Chia

SooHui received her Comprehensive Pilates Certification from Polestar Pilates UK and her Mat Pilates certification from Pilates ITC in Sydney, Australia. Her motto in life is “to love, be loved, never stop learning, never stop… read more

Alison Beecham

Alison is the studio manageress and has been working with James for years. Ali can help you with all your needs regarding classes, your account, teacher training & any queries. Please just mail or call,… read more

“The beauty of the Garuda Method is it can be applied to a whole range of people - the professional athlete, the dancer or to those who have rarely exercised in their life.”Elizabeth Conway