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Training the Garuda Way

Train the Garuda way and experience a fluid, hybrid method of movement. The Garuda Method is your answer to a stronger, leaner, more flexible and toned body. Check out our London studio schedule HERE 

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Garuda - Training the Garuda Way

Who We Are

Developed by James D’Silva, fitness coach to Madonna, Trudie Styler and others, Garuda features a unique piece of apparatus plus matwork and other exercises to deliver the ultimate in effective body conditioning.

The routines and exercises are limitless and work every area of your body with a focus on bringing your mind back into exercise while making you the leanest and most flexible you have ever been.

Garuda - Who We Are

Garuda Classes

We have a wide range of classes available to join, you can join us in our central London studio for apparatus and equipment classes or you can join us virtually through Zoom!

We have a full range of virtual classes on offer, from Garuda matwork classes, Barre classes and our specialised Garuda Apparatus classes, which have been specially designed to facilitate the Garuda flow.

Put your mind back in touch with your body, and start experiencing what Garuda can do for you.

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“Garuda foundation course with Laura Trevisani was wonderful! I feel a new body!!!!”Stefania Schenato