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March 18, 2021

The Benefits of Pilates & Why Garuda Enforces Them Even More

Woman Doing Pilates

Pilates is a body conditioning exercise that has endless benefits, from improving overall fitness to protecting the body from injuries. Garuda exercises encapsulate the core principles of Pilates to allow you to access these incredible benefits whilst working out in a modern, intelligent way.

So, why is Pilates good for you? Here are the benefits of Pilates, and how Garuda enforces them even more.

1. Train Your Whole Body

Pilates is a popular full-body workout. Whilst it focuses on strengthening and utilising core muscles, it trains both large and small groups of muscles throughout your body. This is a great advantage to Pilates, as it does not over-develop nor neglect areas of your body. 

Garuda workouts are also a movement system, designed to focus on the core strength and engage all the muscles throughout your body. However, the principles of Garuda aim to reawaken your body with a workout that flows, rather than holding single positions. 

2. Pilates Is For Everyone

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, Pilates is easily adaptable to suit everyone, no matter your experience. It is easy to tailor every workout to individual or group needs as there are hundreds of different movements and exercises to choose from. 

Similarly, Garuda can help you achieve your goals, as it encompasses different techniques, including Dhara (chair), Graha (Brick), Garuda Barre and more. Each of these techniques requires a varied level of fitness, therefore making it accessible for almost anyone. 

Not to mention, for instructors, learning each of our techniques through our academy will allow you to teach clients of different fitness levels and capabilities. 

3. Tone Your Muscles

Pilates is a fantastic way to achieve long, lean and toned muscles. In technical terms, strong muscles are created as a result of eccentric muscle contractions. Pilates relies on holding positions for extended periods, and this tension is exactly what causes a muscle to lengthen. 

Garuda has even more controlled movements that tap into a variety of muscle contractions. It is a test of both your physical and mental strength. By allowing yourself to focus and concentrate on every exercise, you will strengthen your body and also your mind. 

4. Improve Your Posture

With various exercises designed to improve posture and alignment, it is no surprise that Pilates offers so many health benefits. If you suffer from back or neck pain, poor posture could be the cause. 

Pilates can help you to improve your posture as it focuses on using your core strength. Certain exercises teach you to lock and brace your muscles, which require you to have the correct form. 

Breathing correctly during exercises also helps to improve posture. Certain positions help you to breathe more deeply, for example having your shoulders back and engaging your abs.

However, Garuda allows you to see these benefits with added bonuses. It incorporates yoga which is known to also improve spinal flexibility. If you are looking to really see improvements to your posture and relieve back and neck pain, then practising the Garuda technique is a great option.

5. Improve Mental Health

In his 1945 book ‘Return to Life Through Contrology’, Joseph Pilates defined Pilates as the “complete coordination of the body, mind and spirit”. 

As you complete each small movement, the mind is completely fixated on breathing and controlling the body. This unity between body and mind can sharpen mental faculties. It is known to reduce stress and anxiety and improve concentration. 

Endorphins are a natural hormone that is released into your body during Pilates. Not only do they give you a burst of energy to help you complete your exercise, but they also trigger a positive feeling which lifts your mood.

The concept of cleansing your mind is also seen heavily throughout the principles of Garuda. Mindful thinking is not contained within a class and inspires you throughout your daily life to have inner peace. 

6. Increase Your Flexibility

Traditional stretches are static and often painful. However, Pilates offers a way to stretch whilst constantly moving. The dynamic aspect of  Pilates ensures that the muscles can warm up, resulting in less painful stretches. 

This is seen to a higher extent with Garuda. Instead of keeping a pose, you move through it, which allows you to stretch in a fluid way with no stopping. 

7. Workout From Home

Pilates does not necessarily require an abundance of equipment or space. Often beginners can make do with just a mat. This makes Pilates so easy to integrate into your daily life, and with so many online classes available, you can follow an expert without having to leave your home.

At Garuda, we have a wide range of online classes to match your goals and experience. We have an exciting new selection of classes online to further accommodate your individual needs. 
Find our recorded classes here. Or, if you have any questions about Garuda, we would love for you to get in touch with us.

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