6 Ways to Improve Teaching Fitness Classes with Garuda

November 30, 2021

6 Ways To Improve Teaching Fitness Classes with Garuda

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Wondering how to teach the best fitness classes? In a saturated market, it can be difficult to distinguish yourself from other fitness instructors and retain your clients. 

But there are some ways that you can improve teaching your fitness classes, and below we’ve shown you how you can implement them with Garuda.


What is the Garuda method and why will it help you teach better fitness classes?

Garuda is a holistic, innovative approach to movement which concentrates on rhythm and flow. It has the clarity and mindfulness of Pilates as its core, the economy of form of the Alexander Technique, the self-perception of Feldenkrais, the spirituality of yoga and the joy of dance.

Although Garuda is empowered by a kaleidoscope of different movement techniques, it is its own entity which is why it is an excellent approach to improve your fitness classes and teaching methods.

 It’s contemporary, esteemed and intelligent, and will take your teaching to unimaginable standards. Read more about Garuda’s unique principles.

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Ways to improve teaching fitness classes with Garuda

  1. Create a welcoming environment and build connections

We’ve all been there at some point; group classes can be intimidating. Many people struggle with low self-confidence, and therefore it can be daunting to exercise in front of a group of strangers. 

Most fitness teachers will welcome people as they walk into a class, which really is a minimum expectation for clients. But to really go above and beyond, then you should take the time to talk to individuals and get to know them. Remembering their name and something about them will really show you care and make you more approachable.

Garuda provides you with a way to connect on a deeper level with your clients. Not only can you delve into your clients’ fitness goals before and after sessions, but you will really build connections with them during every class. 

Whether you take them through a story or encourage intense mindfulness, your clients will feel connected with you purely from the buzz of an outstanding experience. 


  1. Be well-prepared yet adaptable

Being the best fitness instructor comes with a lot of preparation before every class. Even if you can improvise sessions, clients will quickly pick up on moments when you are ill-prepared. 

Planning classes will help you to exceed your client’s expectations. You can lay out the structure of your session, as well as the expert knowledge that you will bring in during it. This will ensure you come across as professional and organised in every class.

That being said, Garuda will allow you to take this a step further by teaching you to become adaptable. The vast movement repertoire within the Garuda method means that you can fade seamlessly from one exercise into a variety of others, and often our Master trainers will change the direction of a class to keep the flow of movement.


  1. Tailor classes to ability and experience

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to workouts. There are varied abilities, experience levels and body limitations that simply must be accommodated. 

To provide excellent experiences, we recommend dividing classes based on these different factors. It will allow your sessions to have clear objectives and reduce the time you spend trying to help individuals. Your clients will also feel more comfortable surrounded by people they can relate to.

With Garuda, every single exercise can be adapted based on ability, which means that you can tailor your classes with ease. Your classes will also become more accessible, meaning you can quickly expand your client base.


  1. Provide movement variations

Although you can create classes for different abilities and experience levels, everyone is still unique and there will always be movements that some find easy, whilst others find difficult.

Therefore, provide movement variations for every exercise that you go through. This will teach clients more about their own bodies, through discovering their limits and boundaries.

As mentioned, every movement within Garuda can be tweaked down to the finest details to allow your clients to reach their limits without pushing them over. 


  1. Offer unique and contemporary classes

Now looking at the bigger picture, do you feel that all your classes offer something different? 

You can implement the above techniques to make your classes the best that they can be, but when it comes down to the content of your classes, do you face creative limitations.

Take the opportunity to use Garuda to expand your repertoire with unique, contemporary methods. People crave new, exciting ways to exercise that break free from the shackles of traditions. Movement should inspire, but how inspiring can you be with the same exercises every week?

Garuda is one of the most innovative methods to date, allowing you to stand out from other fitness instructors immensely. 


  1. Constantly improve your knowledge and expand your repertoire

Finally, the best fitness instructors know that there are no limits to the amount you can learn. At every single point in your career, there is more to learn every day and this is what will set you apart from other teachers.

Whether you master an individual movement, learn the benefits of an exercise, study anatomy or add a new technique to your repertoire, there are so many things you can do to improve. 

This couldn’t be easier with Garuda. There are seemingly endless courses that you can take to expand your movement repertoire and therefore offer new and unique classes.


Summary of Ways to Improve Your Fitness Classes

  1. Create a welcoming environment and build connections
  2. Be well-prepared yet adaptable
  3. Tailor classes to ability and experience
  4. Provide movement variations
  5. Offer unique and contemporary classes
  6. Constantly improve your knowledge and expand your repertoire


Start improving your fitness classes with Garuda

Are you ready to teach the best fitness classes with Garuda? There are so many ways to get started, and we’ve suggested them in our previous article, The Best Path to Take to Become a Garuda Teacher

With our Garuda academy, there are a variety of courses that you can choose from to complement your existing repertoire, or dip your toes into new waters. Check out the possibilities below, and stay up to date with upcoming classes.

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“The beauty of the Garuda Method is it can be applied to a whole range of people - the professional athlete, the dancer or to those who have rarely exercised in their life.”Elizabeth Conway