Meet Our Garuda Master Trainers: Laura Trevisani | The Garuda Method

March 10, 2022

Meet Our Garuda Master Trainers: Introducing Laura Trevisani

Laura Trevisani Garuda Master Trainer

Our Garuda Master Trainers are truly talented and experienced individuals, and our Master Trainer for Italy, Laura Trevisani, is no exception.

We were given the opportunity to hear the details of Laura’s inspiring journey with Garuda. If you want to learn more about Laura, you can follow her on Instagram.


What were you doing before you discovered the Garuda method?

“I taught Pilates group classes and also held private sessions with the traditional Pilates machines. As my studio was inside a big fitness centre, I also got the opportunity to teach other fitness disciplines. 

When I was younger, I was proud to be part of the national team for artistic roller skating, winning several national and international competitions. After that, I practised and taught modern dance and classical ballet.”


How did you come across Garuda and what drew you towards it?

“I was always looking for something new for my classes. Ultimately, my end goal was to find something unique to provide for my students.

I was searching for a school or a programme that could give me new ideas in order to bring both new and intelligent exercises, as well as original material.

One day I was browsing through several videos on YouTube and I was blown away when I saw James moving so magnificently in a Garuda promotion video. It was everything I had been searching for and more.”


How has the Garuda method changed your life?

“The Garuda Method in its entirety, but especially James’ way of teaching, has totally enlightened my own way of teaching.

They inspired me to look at the body in a different way and has given me the instruments to understand how the body works and how it has to move in order to improve strength, mobility and endurance.

Garuda has also helped me to understand the limitations of the traditional Pilates method.

It has been not only a professional improvement but an astonishing personal growth. I found a generosity in teaching that has entirely delighted my senses. When I teach, this pleasure, joy and emotion constantly renews. Garuda brings such warmth to teaching like no other method does.”


How did you find the experience of becoming a Master Trainer?

“I was honoured to become a Garuda Master Trainer, but at the same time frightened to have the responsibility of representing this method in my country. These nerves quickly evaporated when I knew James would be there to accompany and support me along the way.

After having been in London several times to attend courses, James came to Italy for the first Teacher Training in my country: the Garuda Foundation Matwork Course

I was by his side as an assistant and translator. He kept on coming to Italy twice a year teaching different syllabuses, and on every occasion he gave me ever-increasing tasks during the training.

I started teaching Foundation Matwork independently and within a couple of years, he gave me the complete independence to teach the all teacher training programs.”


What do you love most about being a Garuda Master Trainer?

“The best reward in teaching Garuda comes from the clients. They will feel the difference. 

Garuda works not only at a physical level but also involves energetic centres. That’s why people feel “enlightened” after a Garuda class. They will feel the work but at the same time, the whole body smiles.

I also love to share my experience with other people; not only to share the material that I teach but also the emotions and the unique sensations that arise from teaching and practising this method.

The most exemplifying sentence that has been said to me by a client after a class has been “I can’t explain in words how I feel and, I just can say that I have done what my body needed to do. I feel amazing.


What is one piece of advice you would give to anyone wanting to become a Garuda Trainer?

“If you want to become a Garuda trainer you have to study and train a lot in order to feel the work in your body and to be able to teach clients the right movements. But especially, you need to learn how to keep the flow and the rhythm of a class; it’s hard work but it pays off. Guaranteed!

What Garuda gives to your body and mind, you’ll never find in any other discipline. But you have to dedicate all of yourself and a lot of time in the beginning, especially right after having done a Teacher Training.

The first month after training is the most important because what you practice and learn will remain forever and become a part of your “movement-baggage”.


If you could go back in time and change something you did on your journey, what would it be, if anything?

“If I could go back in time I couldn’t do anything more than I have done. I have done courses, repeated them, and I’m happy to have dedicated money, time, mind and body to this method.

Every time I repeated a course I discovered tiny but important details regarding the essence of the movement or the way to perform it or to explain it.

Looking at the movements from different perspectives has been an enrichment of my cultural Garuda knowledge.”


Learn from our Master Trainers: Become a Garuda teacher

Did Laura’s story inspire you? If you’re already a fitness professional, you’re one step closer to becoming a Garuda teacher already.

If you are based in Italy or would love to experience the Garuda Method  with Laura, you can find her upcoming classes below.

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Alternatively, you can get started with Garuda straight away and become a Garuda teacher in your time with our hybrid classes. Find out more about them below.

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“Thank you so much for this wonderful offering - I was a bit unsure how online training would go (I'm very much a kinaesthetic learner) but it was fabulous and exceeded my expectations.”Lorissa Gilmore