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December 16, 2021

How Private Garuda Pilates Classes Can Fast-Track Your Results

Have group Pilates classes ever made you feel stuck at a dead-end? Are you interested in taking Pilates private classes, but aren’t too sure if they will make a difference?

There are no shortcuts when it comes to meeting your fitness goals. Any method you choose, whether that be group or private classes, requires motivation and hard work. 

That being said, one to one classes are a must for any fitness enthusiast who wants to make more linear progress.


How private Garuda classes can fast-track your fitness results

  1. Discuss your fitness goals in-depth with your instructor

When you step into a group class, the agenda is usually to have small talk with the instructor or other students, take your place and get straight to business. Whilst you can select classes that will work you towards your fitness goals, an instructor will rarely have the time to sit down and discuss your individual needs with you.

This is where one to one sessions really shine. 

Instead of going straight into a pre-planned workout, Garuda teachers will always take the time to get to know you, your fitness background, your ability and, most importantly, your visions and goals.

Not defined your personal fitness goals yet? Not to worry, Garuda instructors have the knowledge, wisdom and expertise to help you set them. 


  1. Tailor classes directly to your desired results

Since your Garuda instructor will get to know everything about you, they can go ahead and meticulously structure sessions around you. 

Want to increase your flexibility and core stability? Keen to tone your muscles? How about improving your posture or breathing?

The Garuda method features a diverse range of contemporary yet effective movements and workouts. Your instructor will create entirely bespoke workout plans by piecing together exercises that are designed for specific intentions, down to the smallest movement variations.


  1. Discover your body’s individual needs and limitations

We’re sure you’ve heard time and time again that everyone is different. This includes the natural way in which your body moves and strengthens as well.

There are so many factors that make your body unique, including:

  • Muscle length and mass
  • Limb length
  • Bone structure and density
  • Natural physique

In your private Garuda classes, you will be able to explore how these factors can strengthen and limit your ability. For example, if you have shorter limbs, you might find it easier to gain muscle, however, you may also find you have a smaller range of movement. 

By having an instructor there to identify your body’s natural strengths and limitations, your workouts can be even more bespoke, helping you to meet your fitness goals quicker. 


  1. Feel comfortable asking questions

Have you ever found yourself in a group class not wanting to ask a question? When it comes to making fast progress, being able to explore your curiosities is essential.

Let’s say you felt slight tension in your ankle when completing a movement, but you didn’t want to disturb the class and ask why. You might wait until the end of the class, but not being able to find a solution at that exact moment could have prohibited you from making progress.

In a one to one class, your questions can be answered immediately in a comfortable setting. By having a Garuda instructor readily available with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, you can make progress throughout each breath and movement.


  1. Be more protected from COVID-19

Since it is unlikely that we will say goodbye to COVID-19 anytime soon, it is still vital to stay safe. In group sessions, whilst social distancing measures are still in place, it is inevitably more risky to be around more people. 

With private Garuda classes, you will be in a well-ventilated room with only your instructor, who will always wear a mask. Any equipment used will be thoroughly disinfected, and your instructor will remain socially distanced where possible.


What is the Garuda method?

Are you new to the Garuda Method? If so, understanding it more thoroughly can also be a key step in recognizing how it can be beneficial in a one to one setting. 

Garuda is a holistic, innovative approach that encompasses the movements and principles of Pilates, yoga, dance and other traditional movement methods. 

Whilst it is empowered by traditional approaches, Garuda is it’s own contemporary entity, designed to suit any fitness level. Read about Garuda’s unique principles if you are interested in learning more. 


Try one to one Garuda Pilates private classes

Whether you want to dip your toes or dive right into the Garuda method, we have the right option for you.

Our personal training sessions are available both in-studio and online. Alternatively, if you want to see if Garuda is right for you, try a live online class or check out our recorded classes to get to know what we’re all about.

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