The Benefits of Teaching the Garuda Graha (Brick) Technique | Garuda

June 16, 2020

The Benefits of Teaching the Garuda Graha (Brick) Technique

We believe that training at Garuda is a lifelong commitment. What often starts as one Garuda class often takes you on a journey to not only a healthier, leaner and more toned body but also the desire to deepen your practice by becoming a teacher yourself. 

This is perhaps the main reason why we set up the Garuda Academy. We wanted to give those who wished to continue their path an opportunity to do so. Now, we have Garuda ambassadors that span across the globe.

We have a range of different techniques available at Garuda, including Graha (brick), Dhara (Chair), Mala (Bands), Tara (Sling), Chakra (Foam Roller), and more in our academy

Although each has its own benefits, we’d like to focus on how learning Garuda Graha (brick) technique can enrich your own physical fitness journey as well as those you teach.   

What is Garuda Graha?

The Garuda Graha (or brick) technique is an innovative and functional workout that has been developed with innovation and care. All you need to practise Graha is two bricks and an exercise mat or soft surface. It’s a highly accessible form of exercise that can be carried out almost anywhere. 

If we consider the essence of Graha, it is the house that builds and maintains us, hence the functionality of the brick, challenging and fortifying us with a whole new repertoire.

What are the benefits?  

This particular technique uses the Pilates principles and repertoire to instigate bilateral symmetry and stability of the pelvis, whist creating lower limb strength and functionality. This special care given to the pelvis is what allows the rest of the body to find and build balanced strength.

What is more, special attention is given to the upper body, with a whole new set of exercises designed to fortify and challenge the participant. Balance and three-dimensional movement are an integral part of this work.

Why should I teach it?

As a movement professional, this is a perfect technique to have on hand, as it has the potential to challenge your clients at any fitness level. 

It also gives your clients an opportunity to improve their fitness levels in a safe and comfortable way, as the brick provides stability and guidance for a remedial client. 

Finally, given that it is an accessible form of movement that doesn’t require much equipment, it is a technique that can be taught in person or online. This allows you to open up your teachings to a much wider audience in a new, more digitised environment.

How to learn more about Graha

Throughout the last few months, we have adapted quickly by offering online classes and workshops to ensure you have the same energising experience as when we were studio-based. 

If you are interested in learning the Graha technique, we invite you to sign up to our for our upcoming courses.

Upcoming Garuda Graha Courses

If you prefer to experience the technique first you can also try one of our live or pre-recorded classes with our Master Trainer and Founder, James D’Silva. All you will need is a brick or sturdy books and a mat to experience it to its fullest potential. 

“Garuda combines the intelligence of Feldenkrais with the energy of Pilates and Yoga. Garuda is just that for me! It’s clever and has a lovely energy. It feels delicious.”Katharina Hesse