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Upcoming International Garuda Training Courses

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The courses below are led by Master Trainer(s) Gerusa Gurak , Viviane Vales , Loa Kristiansen , Laura Trevisani, Yong Ho Lim , Hong Ji Young , Aimee Challies, Rosa Núñez, Carita Lesche, James D'Silva, Juliana Dall’antonia , Our Master Trainers have been trained thoroughly by Garuda founder James D’Silva, and specialise in all aspects of the Garuda method. James periodically joins his Master Trainer to teach courses, please review the dates below and contact your local Master Trainer should you have any questions.

Special Offers

We are now able to offer a 15% discount on multiple courses when you purchase one of the following:*

  • Matwork Package: Foundation Matwork | Seated & Standing | Seated & Standing Advanced | add Barre and Barre Advanced to take your discount to 20%;
  • Auxiliary Package: Chakra (Foam Roller) | Graha (Brick)|Dhara (Chair)|Mala (Resistance Bands)|Tara (Sling);
  • Apparatus Package: Apparatus A| Apparatus B| Series 1.

We offer a 25% discount for teachers repeating courses, please contact your Master Trainer.

*Valid for same-country bookings only.

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“Coming to Garuda in the mornings is my holy space where I shut out everyday life and concentrate for an hour on myself. It's a gift to me.”Lorraine Nonoo