Gaurda on Reformer Hybrid - The Garuda Studio

October 20, 2021

Gaurda on Reformer Hybrid

Using the reformer as an apparatus of movement expression, Garuda explores a profound practice that is challenging in strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. 

Keeping to the Pilates principles Garuda presents innovative movement possibilities through its vast repertoire and inspires innate confidence and grace to the moving form. 

Garuda on Reformer is challenging training to the professional practitioner giving them the opportunity to use this traditional piece of equipment in a contemporary fashion.

How Does Hybrid Garuda on Reformer Work?

Unlike our scheduled live courses, you will be sent a detailed professionally recorded course that you can complete at a time that suits you. This provides you with the opportunity to learn at your own pace, in your own time to suit your busy lifestyle.

Once you have completed the Garuda on Reformer course independently, you will be able to attend a LIVE ZOOM Review Session hosted by James D’Silva in order to ask questions, share thoughts with peers and put what you have learnt into practice, under James’ watchful eye.

What You Get with Hybrid Garuda on Reformer Course:

  • Pre-recorded lessons that cover the entire Garuda on Reformer material
  • Downloadable Manual to support your learning
  • Group review session with James D’Silva
  • Access to our teacher subscription, including one month of free access

To apply for Hybrid Garuda on Reformer, please fill in your details below. 

Please note, to attend this course you must have already completed a movement training qualification. If you are unsure whether you qualify, please feel free to get in touch with us.

“Stretching, breathing and way of movement that combines with strength and flexibility exercises has really helped me.”Jennifer Shulman