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Course Title

01 Series 1 Apparatus Lunges with Brick

02 Series 1 Apparatus Box Abdominal Series

03 Series 1 Apparatus Side Lying Developpe Work

04 Series 1 Apparatus Feet in straps abdominals

05 Series 1 Apparatus Feet in strap on elbow

06 Series 1 Apparatus lying on back single leg in strap

07 Series 1 Apparatus magician series the abdominal series

08 Series 1 Apparatus single leg in strap variations

09 Series 1 Apparatus abdominal teaser hands in straps

10 Series 1 Apparatus arms in straps on box

11 Series 1 Apparatus facing front lying prone

12 Series 1 Apparatus on all fours

13 Series 1 apparatus standing balance work

14 Series 1 Apparatus standing ballet series

15 Series 1 Apparatus lying and kneeling

GATMA01 Garuda Apparatus: Starting Stretch

GATMA02 Garuda Apparatus: Lunges

GATMA03 Garuda Apparatus: Gluteus Series

GATMA04 Garuda Apparatus: Reformer Footwork

GATMA05 Garuda Apparatus: Feet In Straps

GATMA06 Garuda Apparatus: Pushing and Pulling Into Abdominals

GATMA07 Garuda Apparatus: Abdominals

GATMA08 Garuda Apparatus: Arm series

GATMA09 Garuda Apparatus: Carridge Series

GATMB01 Garuda Apparatus Foundation B Introduction

GATMB02 Garuda Apparatus Foundation B Chair Series

GATMB03 Garuda Apparatus Foundation B Balance Work

GATMB04 Garuda Apparatus Foundation B Standing Series

GATMB05 Garuda Apparatus Foundation B Arm Bands

GATMB06 Garuda Apparatus Foundation B Plies On Chair

GATMB07 Garuda Apparatus Foundation B Hanging Straps

GATMB08 Garuda Apparatus Foundation B Upper Back Extension

GATMB09 Garuda Apparatus Foundation B Split Carriage Lunges

GB001 Garuda Barre – 3 Legged Dog

GB002 Garuda Barre – Ballet Combo

GB003 Body Mapping

GB004 Garuda Barre – Downward Dog

GB005 Garuda Barre – Plie Parallel

GB006 Garuda Barre – Port De Bras

GB007 Garuda Barre – Resistance Bands

GB008 Garuda Barre – Squats

GB009 Garuda Barre Advanced – Squats and Lunges

GB010 – Garuda Barre Advanced – Variations on Cloche

GB011 – Garuda Barre Advanced – Depp Indian Style Squat

GB012 Garuda Barre Advanced – Downward Dog

GB013 Garuda Barre Advanced – Jumps

GB014 Garuda Barre Advanced – Plie

GB015 Garuda Barre Advanced – Side Lunges a La Tango

GB016 Garuda Barre Advanced – Thai Chi Squat

GB017 Garuda Barre Advanced – Three Legged Downward Dog

GB018 Garuda Barre Advanced – TLDD01 and Variations on Push Ups

GB019 Garuda Barre Advanced – Warm Up

GG01 Garuda Graha Brick

GG02 Garuda Graha Supine Brickwork

GG03 Garuda Graha Hamstring Adductor and Gluteus Series

GG04 Garuda Graha Seated Arm and Abdominal Work

GG05 Garuda Graha Leg Strengthening Series

GM01 Garuda Method Introduction

GM02 Garuda Matwork Introduction

GM03 Garuda Matwork Foundation

GM04 Garuda Matwork Seated

GM05 Garuda Matwork Standing

GM06 Garuda Dhara – Breath, Centring and Footwork

GM07 Garuda Dhara – Establishing Arm and Leg Work

GM08 Garuda Dhara – Warrior Series

GM09 Garuda Dhara – Mega Combo, Abdominals and Self Massage

GM10 Garuda Chakra – Perpendicular on Axis – Stretches, Balance and Abdominals

GM11 Garuda Chakra – Arm Series and Psoas Stretches

GM12 Garuda Chakra – Horizontal on Chakra

GM13 Garuda Chakra – Hip, Upper Back Extension, Yoga Stretches and Splits

GM14 Garuda Barre – Hands, Feet and Body Warmup

GM15 Garuda Barre – Squats, Lunges and Downward Dog Variations

GM16 Garuda Barre – Piles, Porte de Bras and Push Ups

GM17 Garuda Barre – Downward Dog Leg Variations and Deep Squat

GM18 Garuda Barre – Ballet Leg Workout and Tai Chi Squats

GM19 Garuda Barre – Forward and Side Lean Work

GM20 Garuda Barre – Allegro

GM21 Garuda Barre – Finishing Stretches

GM22 Garuda Mala – Facing Barre

GM23 Garuda Mala- Backing Barre

GM24 Garuda Mala – Kneeling Backing Barre

GM25 Garuda Mala- Reclining Facing Barre

GM26 Garuda Dhara Class

GT01 Garuda Tara Downward Dog Series Part 1

GT02 Garuda Tara Downward Dog Series Part 2

GT03 Garuda Tara Facing Back And Side Belt Series

GT04 Garuda Tara Facing Forward Belt Around Hips

GT05 Garuda Tara Rowing And Dolphin Plank Series

GT06 Garuda Tara Squatting And Pigeon Series

NC01 Nikki Chrysostomou – Pole Workout

PB01 Polly Benge – Wunda Chair