Our Master Trainers

Brazil : Master Trainer Gerusa Gurak

Ge Gurak spent her first years involved with dance and later choreography. She obtained her degree in 2001, and in the same year attended her first training sessions in Pilates. She then pursued a post-graduate diploma in Hatha Yoga with…read more

Brazil : Master Trainer Viviane Vales

Viviane Vales is a physical educator born in São Paulo - Brazil. She was certified in Pilates for the first time in 2009. In 2014, she obtained Second Generation Teacher certification, trained by Lolita San Miguel in Florida. She was…read more

France and Switzerland: Master Trainer Eva Winskill

Born in Sweden and following several years living and working in the UK, Eva finally settled in France in 1985. Eva has over 30 years experiences in the fitness industry. As a world-wide presenter for more than 15 years, she…read more

Italy : Master Trainer Laura Trevisani

Laura Trevisani is a fitness and Pilates instructor born in Ferrara, Italy. She is a former national and Vice European champion in roller figure skating. She then started dancing as a non-professional dancer and kept on training practicing indoor cycling,…read more

Korea, South : Master Trainer Yong Ho Lim

Yong Ho Lim started his early career as a Taekwondo athlete. He majored physical education and started sports gymnastics in his sophomore year, which significantly changed his life. Through 1993 to 1998, he entered various world championship as a member…read more

Korea, South : Master Trainer Hong Ji Young

After meeting James and Garuda in PMA held in Arizona, I flew right back to Korea and then to London. Every moment and teaching in Garuda Studio was so new and fascinating. Though I have learned to do ballet and…read more

Spain : Master Trainer Rosa Núñez

Rosa Núñez is a dancer, choreographer, and Ballet Teacher graduate from the Dance Superior Conservatory in Seville. Rosa directed her first MEC authorised Dance Centre in 1987, training several future dancers for 15 years as well as divulging the dance…read more

Sweden : Master Trainer Carita Lesche

Carita Lesche founded the Stockholm Pilates Center in 2001. She is a Lead Instructor Trainer in STOTT Pilates and has educated many professional Pilates teachers in Sweden, as well as working as a dance teacher. Carita is able to bring…read more

United Kingdom : Master Trainer James D'Silva

The creator of The Garuda Method, The Garuda Apparatus and founder of The Garuda Studio James D’Silva was born and raised in Goa, India, before moving to England to become a professional dancer. Since then, he has performed, choreographed and…read more

United Kingdom : Master Trainer Juliana Dall’antonia

Juliana is a physical educator born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Into physical activities since a child, she later moved to the USA for her first Pilates Certification. Once back to Brazil, she worked with the conditioning of dancers, artists…read more

United Kingdom : Master Trainer Loa Kristiansen

Loa comes from a dance background, having studied at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and the Peter Schaufuss Ballet. At age 12 she had her first Pilates and Gyrotonic classes and has loved them ever since! In 2011 she moved…read more

“James is a movement genius. He packs so much into the classes. I feel worked and amazingly stretched out. Thank you for your energy.”Nicole Gerber