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Are you a movement enthusiast? Do you want to turn your passion into your new career?

Teach and inspire others through our Comprehensive Pilates Training Course and transform the lives of those around you.
We pride ourselves in the exceptional care and attention to detail we offer in all our courses. We develop confident, caring and innovative instructors who teach with a sound knowledge of the comprehensive contemporary Pilates repertoire. Our expertly trained teachers deliver classes with empathy, enthusiasm and commitment to the method and their clients.
The Garuda Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Course offers you the opportunity to study the Pilates method encompassing contemporary matwork and apparatus syllabi, as well as anatomy,progressions and special population adaptations.
Our ten modular weekend programs, combined with observation and practice hours, will prepare you to fulfil all the requirements of the internationally recognised PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) Pilates Certification Exam.


1.) About the Garuda Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Course

Pilates is a safe and effective exercise system, which strengthens and balances the body improving posture, fitness and overall wellbeing.   It is at the root of the Garuda method and widely practised around the world by people of all fitness levels and ages.

The Garuda Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training course offers participants the opportunity to study the Pilates method encompassing contemporary matwork and apparatus syllabi, as well as in depth anatomy, progressions and special population adaptations.

The intensive 10-month course features small group lessons, individual guidance and support, lectures, classes, case studies, self-study and teaching practice. Student progress will be assessed throughout and successful candidates will be prepared to fulfil all requirements to take the internationally recognised PMA Pilates Certification Exam.

We pride ourselves in the special care and attention to detail we offer in all our courses: a modern fully equipped studio catering to clients of all ages and abilities and a wide range of expertise and skill amongst our teaching body.  We develop confident, caring and innovative instructors who teach with a sound knowledge of the comprehensive contemporary Pilates repertoire. Our expertly trained teachers deliver classes with empathy, enthusiasm and commitment to the method and their clients.


 2.) Course Outline

 – Approx. 160 Taught Course Hours

– 50 Personal Practise Hours

– 150 Teaching Hours

– 20 Personal Sessions

– 120 Observation Hours




  • 10 Modules @ 160 hours total
  • DAY 1: 4 hours (Friday)
  • DAY 2: 6 hours (Saturday)
  • DAY 3: 6 hours (Sunday)


3.) Course Module Dates 

Module 1: Matwork



Fri 14.9 – 2pm-6pm

Sat 15.9 – 2pm – 8pm

Sun 16.9 – 12pm – 6pm

Module 2: Matwork



Fri 12.10 – 2pm-6pm

Sat 13.10 – 2pm – 8pm

Sun 14.10 – 12pm – 6pm

Module 3: Matwork



Fri 16.11 – 2pm-6pm

Sat 17.11 – 2pm – 8pm

Sun 18.11– 12pm – 6pm


Sat 08.12 – 1pm – 6pm

Sun 09.12 – 1pm – 6pm

Module 4: Reformer




Fri 18.1 – 2pm-6pm

Sat 19.1– 2pm – 8pm

Sun 20.1– 12pm – 6pm

Module 5: Reformer




Fri 15.2 – 2pm-6pm

Sat 16.2 – 2pm – 8pm

Sun 17.2– 12pm – 6pm

Module 6: Cadillac


MARCH 2019

Fri 15.3 – 2pm-6pm

Sat 16.3 – 2pm – 8pm

Sun 17.3 – 12pm – 6pm

Module 7: Cadillac


APRIL 2019

Fri 12.4 – 2pm-6pm

Sat 13.4 – 2pm – 8pm

Sun 14.4 – 12pm – 6pm

Module 8: Chair, Barrel & Accessories



MAY 2019

Fri 17.5 – 2pm-6pm

Sat 18.5 – 2pm – 8pm

Sun 19.5 – 12pm – 6pm

Module 9: Chair, Barrel & Accessories


JUNE 2019

Fri 14.6 – 2pm-6pm

Sat 15.6 – 2pm – 8pm

Sun 16.6 – 12pm – 6pm


CERTIFICATION and PMA Exam Preparation JULY 2019

Sat 13.7 – 12pm – 6pm

Sun 14.7 – 12pm – 6pm

4.) What Students can expect from the course

  • Develop a comprehensive knowledge of the comprehensive progressive Pilates matwork and apparatus repertoire.
  • Demonstrate a good working knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology and apply that knowledge in client assessment and teaching practise.
  • Have the ability to work as a comprehensive Pilates instructor to the principles of Pilates and introduce and safely and competently teach them to clients.
  • Use the full line of Pilates apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Barrels & Auxiliary Equipment).
  • Assess posture and common physical conditions and effectively provide exercise solutions to clients.
  • Develop exercise plans, modifications and progressions for individual and group exercise pilates plasses.
  • The ability to analyse and understand the purpose of mat and apparatus exercises based on their anatomical principles.
  • Develop teaching methods and skills as well as personal qualities to become a successful, empathetic, and confident pilates instructor.
  • After successful completion of the course all comprehensive students will fulfil the minimum requirements to enter the internationally recognised Pilates Method Alliance Teaching Certification Exam.

5.) Course Requirements

We invite applicants to the Garuda Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Course from students of all backgrounds, ages and abilities.  They should demonstrate a keen interest in movement, exercise and particularly the pilates technique and a desire to teach with a high level of passion, empathy and commitment to both their clients and their personal development.

A background in movement or exercise techniques is desirable but not essential.  All applicants should have some experience of the pilates technique and an adequate level of personal fitness.  Although pilates is suitable for people with disabilities, the physical demands to teach exercises fully and to ensure client safety may make it impractical for some people to become teachers.

All applicants will be considered individually and their ability as a future teacher assessed without discrimination by age, gender, race or religion.

Students who have already completed a recognised matwork qualification may be admitted to join the apparatus modules to complete their comprehensive Pilates education.


6.) Student Commitment

By joining the Garuda Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Course each student commits to ensuring that they are available on the dates given to attend each module of the course as well as ensuring that they dedicate at least the minimum time required to study, homework, case studies, self practise and teaching practise.

Course dates are subject to change and necessary amendments will be communicated to all students within sufficient time frames.  If a student misses a course module it is their responsibility to catch up on all course material taught in their own time and expense.

Students are not allowed to teach professional classes to paying clients on the Garuda premises or elsewhere until they complete the course and hold relevant qualifications and insurance.


7.) Resources

Unless otherwise specified in advance all modules will be taught at the Garuda Studios in St Johns Wood, Central London.  The Modern studio is fully equipped with up to date pilates equipment and generous matwork space, as well as Garuda and Gyrotonic apparatus.

Students will be provided with a complete course manual complying to the PMA standard and additional printed and visual materials as well as a suggested reading list prior to the course.

The Garuda Studio is a popular and busy studio catering to private clients, group clients as well as offering a wide variety of regular courses and workshops aimed at professional teachers.  All instructors at the studio are fully qualified advanced practitioners and we pride ourselves in both honouring contemporary pilates and gyrotonic techniques as well as being the birthplace of James D’Silva’s Garuda Method, which is now practised and taught worldwide with ever growing popularity.

Pilates Teacher Training students are invited to use the studio facilities outside busy client hours at the discretion of the Garuda management and instructors.  However as the course requires intensive self practise and teaching experience it may not be possible for all students to complete all their personal practise and teaching hours at the Garuda Studio premises.

All students should have access to their own exercise clothes and a computer for their personal study.  The Garuda studio will not be able to provide computer access, printer access or wifi for students.

The Garuda Studio is under appropriate insurance cover and complies with Health and Safety legislation.  Students need to have up to date first aid training (a suitable course can be arranged in the studio at additional cost if there is sufficient demand).


8.) Costs

Please contact the studio , Interest free payment plans are available.


9.) Garuda Teaching Staff

Programme Director: James D’Silva

Head Programme Tutor: Anja Dobler

Course Administrator: Alison Beecham

Guest Instructors: TBC