Instructor Subscription

£75.00 for 2 years with 1 month free trial


Sign up today to get all the education and marketing resources you need to run your studio successfully.

A Garuda instructor subscription gives Certified Garuda Instructors Only access to the Garuda online portal, which provides instructors with the following resources.

  • A library of training videos to accompany the Garuda repertoires you are certified to teach
  • Garuda marketing material, templates and brand style guides to help you build your studio business
  • A Garuda instructor listing on our website providing you with a platform for people to find you wherever you are in the world

Please note, this subscription is for Certified Garuda Instructors only and is valid for 2 years. In order to continue your access after 2 years you are required to attend a Garuda review.

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“Every day, every movement is a journey and for me personally a transformation.”Mala Majethia