Aimee Challies, Master Trainer for New Zealand

Aimee Challies

Location: Gisborne, New Zealand

My passion for movement began as a young, aspiring ballet student, evolving into professional qualifications in classical ballet and contemporary dance. My initial training was in Pilates. Since then I've continued teaching / studying Pilates, Yoga and other movement modalities, for over 16 years, in London, Europe, Australia and NZ. Since 2011 I have had the privilege of ongoing Garuda training with James. The rhythmic and fluid aspects of Garuda resonated instantly with my dance background. It has played a huge part in my professional development and I particularly enjoy the teacher training components as a master trainer. My teaching career has covered NZ, Australia, UK and Europe; training all ages/backgrounds, from professional ballet dancers to elite athletes. I have been fortunate to work alongside medical and sports professionals and have acquired vast experience in post-surgical care, woman's health and other pre/post rehab and elite fitness areas.


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2nd October 2020

“The Garuda method is the only movement strategy where my body feels the best. Happy exploring;-)) Enjoy the journey.”