Anke Pilates

Location: 7 Clare Court, Rowville VIC, Australia
Garuda Certifications: Garuda Foundation Barre | Foundation Matwork | Seated & Standing Matwork | Graha (Brick) | Foundation Apparatus A | Foundation Apparatus B | Chakra (Foam Roller) | Dhara (Chair) |

My name is Anke Wagner, originally from Germany. Since 2006 I live with my family in Melbourne. After completing my Pilates Polestar Education in Melbourne, I started my boutique studio where I teach mainly studio classes; a mix of reformer, mat and chair. I also teach mat classes and aerial yoga. I got hooked with the Garuda method 2013 since then I try to integrate the Garuda method into my work; clients notice that their whole body feels much more stretched and alive. They love the different layers and varaity of movements.


“Every day, every movement is a journey and for me personally a transformation.”Mala Majethia