Location: Hugo Loureiro Tailor Made Training, Rua Alexandre Herculano, Lisbon, Portugal
Garuda Certifications: Foundation Matwork | Seated & Standing Matwork | Dhara (Chair) |

I live in Lisbon, Portugal and currently i teach personal training sessions in my own studio ( Main certifications and methods used in the sessions: MSc Exercise/Wellness (ULHT); Masters Pilates (ALM Pilates); International Coach (Low Pressure Fitness / Bwizer); Neuromuscular Integration Training (WellX ProSchool); Post-Graduation Functional Training (ULHT/MANZ); Fundamentals of Nutrition (WellX ProSchool); Global Active Stretching (Philippe Souchard Institute); Joint Mobility/Myofascial Release (WellX ProSchool); Garuda (Matwork and Dhara).

“Coming to Garuda in the mornings is my holy space where I shut out everyday life and concentrate for an hour on myself. It's a gift to me.”Lorraine Nonoo