Marlene Ruginski

Location: R. Dona Balbina, 230, Porto Ferreira - SP, 13660-000, Brazil
Garuda Certifications: Garuda Apparatus A | Garuda Matwork Foundation | Garuda Matwork Seated & Standing | Garuda Dhara | Garuda Chakra | Garuda Barre | Garuda Barre Manual | Garuda Graha |

I have a degree in Physical Education, ballet, pilates, yoga and I have all Garuda training given in Brazil and revisions. Foudation, Seated & Standing, Bricks, Chakra, Barre, Dhara, Apparatus e beyond the training done in London


“Coming to Garuda in the mornings is my holy space where I shut out everyday life and concentrate for an hour on myself. It's a gift to me.” Lorraine Nonoo