Rivi Levi, Master Trainer for Israel

Rivi Levi

Location: Hibat Tzion, Israel

Rivi Levi's studies of Garuda in London along with the method's creator, James D'Silva, opened before her the possibility of a new kind of movement. Garuda is a new and refreshing movement method that combines elements from the most beautiful worlds of movement (Pilates, Yoga, Dance, and more), and an entirely new professional body language that enables the body and soul to reach new limits and expand beyond them. The Garuda Studio in Israel is located in Emek Hefer and provides all the varied Garuda Courses over the span of each year. In addition to these courses, the studio provides weekends offering a basic and fundamental introduction to the Garuda method to all professionals involved in movement (trainers, treatment providers, coachers, etc.) As a Garuda representative, Rivi is dedicated and committed to you, the trainers, to teach the essence of Garuda in all its levels, and to provide you with a learning experience which is both deep and significant.

“Stretching, breathing and way of movement that combines with strength and flexibility exercises has really helped me.”Jennifer Shulman