Afroditi Manthopoulou

Location: Athanasiou Diakou 24, Nea Erythraia, Greece
Garuda Certifications: Foundation Apparatus A | Foundation Apparatus B | Garuda Foundation Barre | Chakra (Foam Roller) | Dhara (Chair) | Graha (Brick) | Seated & Standing Matwork | Tara (Sling) | Foundation Matwork | Teacher Profile |

Born in Athens started classical dance from an early age. Studied classical and modern dance for 13 years in a variety of high caliber schools. She graduated from Isadora Duncan’s school with a dancer and dance teacher degree. A serious injury introduced her to the Pilates regime. She completed her education and got qualified as a Certified Instructor by Balanced Body. In 2010 went to London where she started her training in the Garuda Technique: Foundation Mat, Seated and Standing Mat, Apparatus 1,2, Tara, Graha, Chakra, Dhara, Barre. In 2010 sets up the first Garuda Studio in Greece.

“Stretching, breathing and way of movement that combines with strength and flexibility exercises has really helped me.”Jennifer Shulman