Afroditi Manthopoulou

Location: Athanasiou Diakou 24, Nea Erythraia, Greece
Garuda Certifications: Garuda Apparatus A | Garuda Apparatus B | Garuda Barre Manual | Garuda Chakra | Garuda Dhara | Garuda Graha | Garuda Matwork Seated & Standing | Garuda Tara | Garuda Matwork Foundation | Teacher Profile |

Born in Athens started classical dance from an early age. Studied classical and modern dance for 13 years in a variety of high caliber schools. She graduated from Isadora Duncan’s school with a dancer and dance teacher degree. A serious injury introduced her to the Pilates regime. She completed her education and got qualified as a Certified Instructor by Balanced Body. In 2010 went to London where she started her training in the Garuda Technique: Foundation Mat, Seated and Standing Mat, Apparatus 1,2, Tara, Graha, Chakra, Dhara, Barre. In 2010 sets up the first Garuda Studio in Greece.

“My flexibility and strength and overall well-being are much better and I would highly recommend Garuda Studios to anyone who wishes to improve their health.” Junaid Peracha