1 Day Pilates workshop presented by Jillian Hessel (usa) - The Garuda Studio

1 Day Pilates workshop presented by Jillian Hessel (usa) with James D'Silva

Date: 20 May 2017 - 20 May 2017

Course: 1 Day Pilates workshop presented by Jillian Hessel (usa)

Venue: The Garuda Yoga and Pilates Studio - 26-28 Finchley Road, London

Price: £125

For further details email: info@thegaruda.net

Status: Spaces available

Join guest Pilates instructor Jillian Hessel for a 1 day workshop at our London Studio on Saturday 20th May.

About Jillian:

Jillian is an internationally renowned Master Pilates teacher based in Los Angeles, California, and a second-generation Pilates teacher in direct succession from Joseph Pilates.

Jillian was an apprentice at the Carola Trier Studio, where she studied to teach Pilates’ method of exercises. “I began to develop my own teaching style,” she says.” It was a synthesis of my knowledge from years of dance training, yoga classes, and my work with Kathy Grant and Carola Trier.”

In 1988, she founded her own training practice, and since then she has tutored countless students in the finer nuances of Pilates exercise. Throughout this time, she has developed and constantly honed her own unique approach to teaching Pilates, which she calls the B.E.A.M. Technique™.

Jillian’s B.E.A.M. Technique™ quickly gained popularity, and she began to attract the notice of numerous high-profile students eager to learn from her.  She also works regularly with both student and professional athletes and dancers, helping them to alleviate muscle imbalances, prevent injuries, and improve overall performance.

Jillian traces her Pilates “lineage” back to Joseph Pilates himself through her teachers Kathy Grant, Carola Trier, and Ron Fletcher, who learned directly from Pilates at his original studio in New York City. Through this ratified pedigree, Jillian is regarded as a second-generation Pilates teacher in direct succession from Joseph Pilates himself.

Jillian holds a Certificate from U.C.L.A. Extension as a Health/Fitness Instructor, and is certified through American College of Sports Medicine (A.C.S.M.). In addition, she is a certified Personal Trainer through American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.). She is on the Advisory Board for Pilates Style magazine, and helped the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) to develop an International Exam for Pilates Teachers that will help ensure safety, competence, ethics, respect, and professionalism in the industry.


The workshop:

11 AM – 2:00 PM – Posture, B.E.A.M. Technique™ Fundamentals & Mat

Join Jillian as we explore vertical postural alignment, and discover how to detect both muscular and structural imbalances in ourselves, or our clients.  Jillian’s posture work is inspired by her teaching mentor, Carola Trier, who always started out each new student with a posture workup.  The posture work helps to establish rapport with your client, and is also an opportunity to discuss realistic goals.  Move on to Jillian’s signature pre-Pilates Fundamentals, developed over 35 years of teaching.  Then, experience Classic Pilates Matwork, with modern updates and modifications for individual body types. Discover how to be “your own best teacher,” working at a deeper level of awareness that is guaranteed to bring you positive results!

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM – Vertical Pilates Workshop

Most people think of Pilates Exercise as a recumbent workout, but nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone needs to do standing exercises—It’s how we get around in life!  We must: adjust to uneven ground surfaces, step on and off curb sides, rise from sitting to standing, get in and out of a car, and of course, we walk, hop, skip, run and jump.  Weight transfer from one foot to another is a basic fact of ambulation, and kids do all these activities very naturally, with youthful exuberance. As adults, however, we are likely to become less active. Adults may gradually begin to lose their sense of balance-and adventure! So, get up off your Mat, and come explore the fun-filled modalities of Vertical Pilates!

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“I’ve just finished the seated standing course and am rejoicing in the wonderful feeling of inhabiting my body as if I’ve moved through to a different sense of being alive. This feeling (inadequately described) only comes to me from Garuda. It is ridiculous to say 'thank you' as one would politely say if a door were being held open, but perhaps that is the best analogy. With gratitude. ”Janet Cook